• At Covenant, two distinctives mark the ministry. First, we uncompromisingly and unashamedly teach and preach the Word. We won’t swerve away from a hard topic.   Second, we strive to be a church that unbelievers love to attend, a place where you will wish your dearest unchurched friend was in worship with you. 

  • There is a lot of emphasis on not looking old, on not looking your age even as your body racks up laps around the sun. But who is talking about not allowing age to ravage and diminish our personalities?! Who is writing to warn us of how the gravity of time will, without some supernatural intervention, cause our character to have sags and wrinkles and sunspots and blemishes.

  • Do you feel the weight of heavy things resting on your shoulders? Maybe it’s something personal, maybe it’s just in the atmosphere, or maybe you’re carrying a burden for a friend. 


    We’re living in times where every ten days or so there is another senseless act of violence perpetrated on the innocent and vulnerable. It’s right to feel that and to lament that.  It’s wrong to hear it rehearsed on the news multiple times a day. It’s right to pray for the world’s cohesion and compassion, unity and justice, but it’s wrong to make the brokenness a greater felt reality than our hope. It’s wrong to live in lamentation always.