• How can a person really love children if there is an expiration date based on age which is attached as a condition to the flow of that love?


    Children are the weakest members of society, sometimes marginalized even while they are being idolized. Children simply help test our love and our willingness to live a life pitched towards raising up others.

  • It depends on what age and stage you are in terms of how this holiday feels. One writer expressed the progression of Valentine’s Day this way:


    V-Day Single: "I am missing out on so much joy."

    V-Day Dating: *stresses out over finding the perfect gift*

    V-Day Married: "We should probably, like, go out or something."

    V-Day Married w/ Kids: "You need how many valentines? For people who can't even read yet? By when?"

    Seventeen hundred and fifty years ago today, Saint Valentine was imprisoned, beheaded and buried on February 14th, 269 AD for helping persecuted Christians and for marrying Christian couples against the orders of the emperor.  While in prison he prayed for his jailer’s daughter and her blindness was healed. On the day of his execution he left her a note signed, ‘Your Valentine.’

  • Do you remember the first time you told someone other than a family member that you loved them? I wrote it on a piece of paper, folded it up 25 different ways, and handed it to a friend, who handed it to a friend, who handed it to Holly H. Nothing came of it and it was never spoken of again, until now!


    We know I Corinthians 13 as the love chapter. It’s recited as a well-worn litany at weddings to remind couples about what real love is. But what if love isn’t – what if we don’t give it away? The first three verses remind us of the consequences of living without love.