• If you are part of Covenant Church, we’re asking you to attend the State of Our Church gathering this coming Tuesday from 7-8:15pm.


    If you’re a leader, we need you there. If you’re a stakeholder and love Covenant, you’ll want to be part of this. If you’re just curious about Covenant, you’ll be glad that you came.


    We stand near the threshold of an exciting transition as a church. This has come about because of many prayers, sacrifices, and practical expressions of what real faith in Christ means.

  • At Covenant, two distinctives mark the ministry. First, we uncompromisingly and unashamedly teach and preach the Word. We won’t swerve away from a hard topic.   Second, we strive to be a church that unbelievers love to attend, a place where you will wish your dearest unchurched friend was in worship with you.