• Do you remember the first time you told someone other than a family member that you loved them? I wrote it on a piece of paper, folded it up 25 different ways, and handed it to a friend, who handed it to a friend, who handed it to Holly H. Nothing came of it and it was never spoken of again, until now!


    We know I Corinthians 13 as the love chapter. It’s recited as a well-worn litany at weddings to remind couples about what real love is. But what if love isn’t – what if we don’t give it away? The first three verses remind us of the consequences of living without love.

  • The meaning of life is love. It gets played out by listening to God’s prompting and direction. When we do that, we glorify the Source of Love and Life.


    What are the specific people and places you are called to touch with Christ’s love?

  • The preaching schedule for our Love Revolution moves into some of the hard relationships that will test whether the power of love is truly revolutionary. This coming week I will tackle how to love those who actually hold ill-will toward us and function as enemies. Next week I will preach on how to love our fellow believers, and then we will dive into how to love our spouses, a task that is sometimes even more difficult than loving our enemies!