• It’s March 21, 2019, so the Spring Solstice has arrived. The sun feels warmer, and we’ve even had a few cloudless days. I’ve already planted peas. Having some peas in the ground is a mood lifter for me. Even when it rains all day, my garden peas are happy, so I can’t be totally sad. Not everyone is wired this way, with a teensy bit of their emotional well-being in the ground, but I descend from generations of farmers. I’m convinced that the world would enjoy more mental health if everyone had a backyard garden. I encourage you to find the mood lifters that work for you and honor God, if it’s not peas, find out what it is.

  • The default mode for American culture-bound Christianity is spiritualized, escapist spirituality. It mis-reads the gospels and misses the primary theme of the Kingdom of God that formed the major emphasis of Jesus’ teaching.

  • Positivity is always the fullest expression of any value. If you prohibit hate, it’s not as strong as commanding love. If you prohibit stealing, it doesn’t legislate generosity. The best way bank tellers are trained to recognize counterfeit bills is to be intimately acquainted with the authentic ones.


    Discern where people are. Ask questions. The three magic words that will make you a fascinating conversationalist are, “Tell me more”. The best way to edify other people is to focus on what is true, right, beautiful, ennobling and uplifting. When you project ‘positivity’ you shine like a sun in the center of every constellation you enter.