Be the Man Retreat

By Pastor Bob Myers

Men, don't miss out.

BE the man: We live in a world that is constantly trying to put labels on people, to identify them by what they do, what they like, what they buy… but what would it mean for us to live out of an identity that was rooted in something far deeper?  Covenant men are invited to join in a retreat with Biblical teaching, personal testimonies, and application-oriented discussion where we gather to share and discuss what it means to be a Gospel-centered, Spirit-filled disciple - one who bears the image of Christ.

I personally would not want to miss out on this year’s Men’s retreat that’s happening this Saturday. We compress into half a day a power packed line up of speakers, break out discussions and a great lunch!

The theme is “BE the man”.  The speakers are Rob Bloss, our Executive Pastor, Pete Lyon, Men’s Ministry Director, and Matt Jones, entrepreneurial founder of Poverty Resolutions.  These are lively, relatable and fun speakers to listen to.  You can’t possibly not be impacted by the messages.  I know that they will push themselves to be open and vulnerable, sharing real life, relatable, grace-filled, hope-giving stories from their own lives. 

After each message we have break out discussion groups where the focus is on life application, sharing, and allowing the relevancy of the material to intersect and find its way in our relational community. 


You’ll also enjoy a restaurant quality lunch with more time to process the teaching, make new connections and friendships and hopefully leave different, challenged, changed, and  more ready and equipped to BE what Christ has called you to be.