Changed Forever, Reflections on Baptism Weekend

by Pastor Bob Myers
Seeing seventeen individuals immersed into a watery grave, buried with Christ and raised up to walk in newness of life is still resounding in my heart.


Over a third of these have come to know Christ in the last several months!   Jesus is still saving people.


Others actually had joined Covenant as members many years ago and only relatively recently awakened to saving faith in Christ. 


Multiple marriages went from separated and heading towards divorce to restored.  Grief over the death of loved ones brought a sweet reckoning with Christ and salvation.   The power of addictions were broken.   Even the deadly combination of heroin laced with Fentanyl, often resulting in death, was overcome.


Sexual abuse, depression, partying, pornography, drinking, drugs, divorce, loss of a job, attention deficit disorder, suicidal thoughts and plans,  an unplanned pregnancy, presumption about grace, emotional abuse, abusive parenting, fear of hell, a restraining order accompanied with continual prayers for a husband who was far from Christ, firing legal representation and putting it all on the line risking it all for Jesus, Alzheimer’s disease, and feelings of worthlessness and loneliness.


Jesus is able to take the “sucky” features of life and make them glide paths to transformation and faith.   Bankruptcy comes before we can receive spiritual wealth.

As we go into a new ministry season, it should encourage every ministry to aim for being a pipeline for new births. There’s nothing that fires me up more than seeing small groups, ministries, and individuals called to stand up and celebrate their role in bringing someone to faith in Christ.


Praise God!  He is moving at Covenant Church!

Personal Prayer Requests from Bob:

On Thursday and Friday several of our staff are going to an intensive Leadership Summit.  Please pray for us as we drink from a firehose of material.  It has always been invigorating and inspiring. 


In the next few days I’m going away to fast and pray and seek the Lord.  I’ve learned that if Jesus needed forty days of fasting and prayer, and if regularly underwent this discipline, then I at least need a few.   Over the last few years much has come to me from these times of concentrated seeking the Lord.   I would appreciate your prayers as I submerge myself in the scriptures, prayer, and concentrated focus on Christ.