Church Health Survey

Proverbs 15:14 (NLT)

14 A wise person is hungry for knowledge,

while the fool feeds on trash.


Proverbs 15:22 (NLT)

22 Plans go wrong for lack of advice;

many advisers bring success.


Announcing the Church Health Survey

Healthy churches are not perfect, but they do listen and learn. They purposefully grow in imitating Christ. Proverbs 15:14 and 22 (along with many other scriptures) remind us that wise people seek guidance. Today’s ministry environment is challenging and complex. As servants of God’s church, it is vital that we make wise decisions and utilize our resources to their fullest potential. For us to lead well, it is necessary to seek spiritual counsel from an objective third party.


When I was leading a church in Arkansas, I took up a practice that I learned from a mentor during a summer internship in Atlanta. He regularly brought together a diverse group of 6-8 people to review his upcoming preaching series and sermon outlines in advance. There were lawyers and store clerks, single parents, empty nesters, a teenager, and a mix of white, black, and Latino Americans. Each person shared how the scriptures and quotes the pastor had selected landed with them. They shared their unique views on how these scriptures touched on social issues and theological questions that were important to them. So, when I began a full-time preaching ministry, I took up this same practice. Over many lunches with my “sermon club,” my preaching was strengthened. I made many mistakes; but those I avoided, through their counsel and God’s grace, surely helped my reputation and the church’s reception of the preaching, even though the mistakes avoided were known to God alone.


As Covenant aims to improve the health and effectiveness of its ministry, the leadership has decided to partner with The Center Consulting Group. The Center is a non-profit consulting firm serving faith-based organizations.


We have had difficult times at Covenant, but the staff and elders have placed our trust in the Lord and are excited for what he is going to do through this church. In order to provide the best leadership possible, we need to listen, learn, and then provide leadership that properly reflects the heart of the people and the will of God. Therefore, we will be facilitating an online congregational survey. Every person’s input is valuable. We want to hear from you to assess the effectiveness of our ministry! The survey will be open for two weeks starting TODAY, November 18th, through Thursday, December 2nd. Each individual should take the survey (not just once per family or couple).


Throughout this process, please feel free to contact Covenant leadership with any questions you might have. Please remember to pray for Covenant and The Center as God guides us in assessing our church’s spiritual health and ministry direction through consulting, training, and coaching. Below you will find the survey link and a short message that you may see a few times over the next two weeks.


Anyone interested in further information about The Center Consulting Group can visit their website at


Grace and peace to you and may God’s wisdom for us be made manifest through his provision of wise and committed members who share together in this process.


Joshua Bundy

Adult Ministry Pastor


The Center and Covenant Church Announce the Church Health Survey

Covenant’s leadership asked a team of consultants at a Christian organization called The Center Consulting Group how we can advance our vision of growing devoted followers of Jesus. We are excited about this opportunity and realize that, to accomplish our purpose successfully, we need to learn more about you, the people of our church. Therefore, during the next two weeks, we are facilitating an online survey that will only take a few minutes to complete. This survey is designed to gather your perceptions about your spiritual growth and what contributes to it. Each person (not just each family or couple) should take this survey once. Thank you for assisting us with this process! Remember, these are anonymous surveys; please be honest.