How Love Raises Up The Marginalized

by Pastor Bob Myers


The purpose of this article is to whet your appetite for the upcoming sermon this week.


This week Love Revolution transitions from looking at marriage to looking at how we love the weakest ones. I will speak about children, but not in a way that limits the application to raising children.


Children, as the utmost of outsiders, are the ultimate test case for any society and church. While generally the cutest and easiest to love in sentiment, if our love stops there, it’s suspect. How can a person really love children if there is an expiration date based on age which is attached as a condition to the flow of that love?


Children are the weakest members of society, sometimes marginalized even while they are being idolized. Children simply help test our love and our willingness to live a life pitched towards raising up others.


In principle, the ways we love children works in reverse too. The same principles of how love works for the young can be applied towards the elderly.


What does it take to be a blessing? What is blessing in the Bible? We will look at a few passages that show us what blessing consists of. Blessing includes affirming touch, affirming words, empowering actions and a readiness to make the sacrifices that resource and encourage other people’s dreams.


I am the heir of an incredible childhood. When we are children it’s nearly impossible for us to understand whether we are blessed or cursed because what we are is all we know. But what made my childhood blessed was a constant climate, established by my parents and grandparents. That climate was one that included all the elements of blessing and all the commitments from others that nurture, encourage and equip a developing life.


If LOVE is going to be a Revolution, it has to reach to the beginning of life and impact people who are children. But it also has to continue throughout life and never expire or go out of service as they grow older.



Personally, I can’t think of anything I look forward to with more joy than our baptism weekends. If you’ve never been baptized, it’s critically

important and the first requirement Jesus makes of us in terms of a response. We have nearly twenty individuals signed up for this Sunday’s Baptism Information Core Classes and we would love to have you there if you have not been baptized.