Initiatives & Prayer

Psalm 90:17

And may the Lord our God show us his approval

and make our efforts successful.

Yes, make our efforts successful!


We thought you might like to read a little update on our church’s project with The Center consulting group on future ministry planning. Below is a brief update and some prayer points.


Back on April 9th we held a meeting with over 50 leaders from Covenant. We were led by two representatives from The Center through a prayerful brainstorming exercise. After further discussion around tables and the room, there were three clear areas of focus for the next three years at Covenant Church:


  • Discipleship
  • Local Outreach
  • Unity


On the heels of this meeting our church had the opportunity to meet the man who eventually became our newly called lead pastor. We put much time and energy into the process of introducing Steve and Christine Huber to the congregation and by God’s grace he was chosen to lead Covenant.


The next step in the process of refining these initiatives is bringing Steve into the planning. We have begun that and will continue in earnest when he begins full time on August 1st. Another step will be to meet a second time with a large group of leaders to identify strategies and a timeline for each of these three areas of focus. Concepts like discipleship, outreach, and unity are pretty broad, so these next steps will help us refine the focus to workable strategies. And rolling out strategies for these three areas won’t happen all at once; they will be staged on a timeline over the next three years. The goal is to grow in these areas in ways that can be easily explained and demonstrably experienced. At the end of three years, we want to look back, show how we have grown in these areas together, and celebrate the gifts God has given!


Here are the kinds of questions I have pondered this summer, perhaps you will spend time thinking about them and share some insights with me when you have opportunity:
How would someone know if they have grown as a disciple?

How does one feel or know that it has happened or is happening?

What would look or sound different about them because they have been discipled?


You could surely write similar questions for each of the three areas:
What are the marks of healthy local outreach?
What makes outreach effective or ineffective?
Who gets to define unity?

How do we measure a sense of unity over time?


As we approach Steve coming on full time and the next steps in these conversations: would you take some time during your summer to pray over this?

  • Please pray for the Lord to give us the right questions and the right strategies.
  • Please pray for the staff and Steve to hear from the Lord on these initiatives.
  • Please pray for the next meeting that will be announced and held and the leaders who will participate.
  • Please pray for the Spirit to be working in these areas ahead of our conversations and initiatives.
  • And while you are at it, please pray for our new pastor and his wife and family to have a joyful transition to this work with us!


My prayer for today,


Lord, thank you for Covenant Church and all the people in it who care for your mission and work in the world. Please receive our offerings of ideas and concepts and shape them to your good will. Please establish the work of our hands not for our sake, but for your sake. You are wonderful, holy, and good. We love and adore you Holy God! Thank you that we even have a church to grow in, and please make us more like Christ in the coming years that we have yet. Amen.


Grace and peace to you all,