Inventorying Relationships and Experiences

By Bob Myers 

So, at 55, I identify with the person who said, “As far as I can tell, the real lesson of the past isn't that I made some mistakes, it's that I didn't make nearly enough of them. I'd rather regret the things I have done than the things that I haven't." 

Isn’t it likely to be true that our biggest regrets are not for the things we have done, but for the things we haven't done? I really doubt I'll be lying on my deathbed congratulating myself on the fact that I didn’t do something. But the question comes to us, “Which things should I do?” So much is in front of us that I can quickly be confused by all the options. I can spend almost as much time figuring out what show to watch as I do actually watching it. 

Here’s some thoughts that come to me:

1.   Relationships: 

Determine which people you need to put energy into maintaining closeness with. Someone told me that a rich life is often more about investing in the people you already know than discovering new friendships. We need new friendships and relationships, but we need to prioritize some of the ones we have. Choose wisely. Initiate. Don’t wait on others to initiate. Be the friend who reciprocates, initiates, and calls first. You won’t regret it.  People who are the best at friendship will try to compete with you on this score and beat you to the punch. Paul circled back to key people.  Jesus had his inner three. Who do you need to circle back to or make your inner circle?

2.  Experiences:

What experiences give you joy? Where do you feel most alive? What replenishes and rejuvenates you?  Do more of those things. Plan ahead. Prioritize. If Phillippians 4:11 tells us to think of the things that are lovely, excellent, commendable, worthy of praise, then we also should DO those things.  What lovely, excellent, commendable, thing might you do?

3.  Relationships and Experiences:

​​​​​​​I should work to combine one and two as much as possible.  Pour energy into people while doing the things that count the most. The best days of my life have been spent combining the best relationships with the best experiences.