Love Stories, Weddings, And Church Plants

By Pastor Bob Myers

Last weekend I had the delightful privilege of serving a treasured friend and neighbor’s family to officiate their daughter’s wedding. This whisked us off to California. My wife and I basked in being surrounded by California’s wonders.  But if there was one breath-taking moment, it was when this uniquely special couple pledged themselves to each other for “as long as we both shall live”. Love is the meaning of the universe. I’m grateful beyond words for the privilege I have of serving as an ambassador who reminds couples that all true love finds its highest and purest source of inspiration in the God whose nature is LOVE.    

This time was also a sweet and treasured opportunity to explore the beauty of California together with my wife and remembering the vows of marriage we took over thirty-one years ago. From hiking mountains, Redwood forests, and seeing the Pacific Bay, our souls feasted on beauty, unhurried time spent together and the common joy and delight we took in being together with special friends and neighbors. I’ve been pondering the fact that God’s pacing in our life is never contrary to prioritizing our marriages. I am thankful for a wife who is my closest friend and confidant, who loves Christ wholeheartedly and with deep thoughtfulness.

Christ’s first and last miracle both occur in the context of weddings because marriage is a window into the heart of God. Christ’s first miraculous sign was at the Wedding of Cana (John 2:1-11).  The consummation of Christ’s redemptive work is the bridge into the joy of eternity (Revelation 21).  In some ways, every great meal is a dress rehearsal for the wedding feast and every wedding reception is an anticipatory shadow of the things that God has lovingly prepared for the recipients of His love.  

This is just one of the reasons I love the ministry of serving couples by officiating at their wedding. When the couple give themselves to each other in the form of those public vows, they showcase the most significant kind of love. The highest expression of love is covenantal, promise-making, and promise-keeping. 

The week prior to this, I spent a few days at the ACTS 29 Global Conference. This conference hosted pastors from over thirty-five countries. It was powerful to hang out with church planters who are committed to plant churches in hard places, and to lead those churches to plant more churches. Of course, the person central to this movement is Doug Logan, who has lived out this calling in ways that have inspired all of us and made him a special friend. When I think about committed love, the labors, and intensity of someone who has given themselves to church planting, it is clear that it is one of the most loving ventures on our planet.

When the visionary effort to start a church succeeds in a healthy church, the rippling outflow of reverberations of love are nearly infinite and untraceable. I am so grateful that Covenant, through our mission’s pastor and former church planter Bruce Finn, and through our support and generosity, has strongly supported church planting. Even our effort to support orphan homes in Zimbabwe resulted in the establishment and strengthening of a fledgling church that it is now a beacon of Light.   

The past two weeks I have been able to take a deep dive into two things that I believe God cares about the most. My wife and I enjoy listening to a gospel music number led by Hezekiah Walker called “Grateful”.  At one point in the song, the huge choir or congregation just sing the words “GRATEFUL!” over and over and over until, like a huge warm ocean wave, it whisks us into the gentle whirlpool of God’s presence experienced as we praise Him. I’m convinced this song is best experienced at high volume amidst the beauty of the outdoors.  

Wherever we travel and whatever we do, there are signposts of God’s love around us. The meaning of the universe has been unlocked for us in Christ. That meaning is His Love. This weekend I will be preaching from 2 Kings 6:8-23 where God’s love converted enemies of Israel into non-combatants.  The passage begins with God opening the eyes of His servant to see His supernatural support and presence. I hope you’ll be as impacted and inspired by this message as I have been in reflecting upon it.  

I pray that wherever we are, we grasp with open eyes, the love that is writing the Greater Narrative of history and inviting us to share in that story, embracing everyone we can with it’s vision and beauty so that our lives contribute to the greater narrative.