Pastoral Election - What You Need To Know

"O Lord, you know every heart. Show us which of these men you have chosen…" Acts 1:24


One of the first things that happened in the early church was the election of a leader.


This is recorded in Acts 1, before the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit came upon the church and the proclamation of Jesus’ gospel began in earnest. At that time there were about 120 of Jesus’ followers who were gathered in Jerusalem waiting for what God would do next. Peter, who seems to have taken seriously Jesus’ charge to care for his sheep, addressed the believers with the need to replace the former Apostle Judas with a new person who would witness with them about Jesus’ resurrection. The details of the role and the election are a little different than what we will do in electing a lead pastor for Covenant, but it is instructive for us.


To summarize, they went through a process that made sense to them. They looked at criteria for the office, considered the pool of candidates, made nominations, and in their case settled on two who were impeccably worthy. But they did not assume that worthiness in human eyes was the final factor in determining God’s will.


We also have gone through a process that makes sense to us. We have had a committee of qualified members give sacrificially of their lives to sift through candidates, we have had staff, elders, and more members give input. We have arrived at a nomination. And along the way there has been much prayer. But we all need to pray like the early church as we approach this decision. “Lord, you know every heart. Show us if you have chosen this man…”


On Monday, May 2nd we will meet at 7pm to vote on our candidate, Steve Huber. The early church cast lots; the modern church casts votes. I can’t tell you that one process is better than the other, but we must petition God to reveal whom HE has elected to serve in this role. We now live after Pentecost. Each Christian has the Holy Spirit indwelling us, yet we still seek him in prayer just as the church did before Pentecost.


Below, you will read details about Monday’s meeting. I ask, before you read on, that you stop and pray for several minutes that God would show us whom he has chosen and help us cast our votes accordingly. I ask that you pray about this each day: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. I implore that you offer your perceptions of the candidate to the Lord, knowing and trusting that we have all done our best to bring forward a candidate that seems right by our human perceptions, but that you would seek God’s wisdom as he alone knows what we need. Then, having joined together in prayer in this way…


On Monday, the meeting will run from 7pm to 8pm. The meeting will be in the worship center. We will have childcare. Your older, quiet children are welcome to be in the meeting and observe the entire process! There will be some formal components to the meeting such as a call to order, introduction of Steve Huber, official recommendation to elect Steve Huber, a vote, and a report on the vote tally. Because this is Covenant, we will also have an excellent video produced by our Creative Arts team and some inspiring worship together, as well as personal testimonies from some involved in the candidacy process.


Only members of Covenant Church may vote, and members must be present to vote. However, to accommodate members who cannot stay for the duration, voting will be available in the lobby strictly between 7:05pm and 7:45pm. So, if you need to drop by quickly for any reason such as kids at home, long day, feeling ill, etc., please just be certain to come in that 40-minute period. The vote will close promptly at 7:45, coinciding with the vote in the meeting itself so that all votes can be tallied together.


Because there will be a report on the vote tally at the end of the meeting, we will know before going home if Steve has been elected. I think this is about all you need to know about the meeting itself but let me say once more: please be in Acts 1:24-kind-of-prayer each day between now and Monday so that we all come prepared in heart, sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and ready to see what the Lord wants us to do.


In this way, we will be joined even closer together as His Spirit binds us through prayer and submission to the Lord who loves us.

Learn more about our Search Process, Candidacy, and Steve Huber (our nominee).