Spicy Faith

by Jeff Lake and Duane Smulling, for the Elder Board

I’m sure many of you have heard you only need faith the size of a mustard seed, and God will do the rest. In Matthew 17: 20, Jesus said, "If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, move from here to there and it will move.  Nothing will be impossible for you.” Is there any feat in your life that just seems impossible, even when we want to ask in faith? How often do we all limit the impact of God in our lives because of our own fears, shortcomings, thoughts, and feelings? Let us pray that God will move us, through His Spirit, to put aside our childish ways; to cling desperately to HIM; to not be the stumbling block to the person who hasn’t yet come to know the deep love of Christ. In Ephesians 3:20 Paul prays, “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us.” We serve a God that can do more, wants to do more, than we can comprehend; He is a God of limitless resources. 


Covenant is experiencing a rebirth in excitement. If you have been here recently, you can literally feel it. From the increase in on-site attendance, to the re-gathering of our youth, to the calling of our new Lead Pastor Elect, Steve Huber, to the diminishing of the pandemic, there is a level of enthusiasm that seems to have been missing. With this next stage in Covenant’s 130-year history will come new challenges, and with those challenges will come great opportunities. Opportunities to better serve the community of Doylestown. Opportunities to send mission teams again, both locally, regionally, and globally. Opportunities to volunteer at Covenant events, doing service for God’s work in the community. Opportunities to give a portion of our wealth back to God, as an act of worship. 


God is moving at Covenant, and we are looking forward with excitement to the next stage for Covenant. The opportunities to serve as Christ’s missionaries here on Earth will be available. The question is how will we all respond? Will we respond in faith and jump into the Kingdom work? Or will we sit on the sidelines? 


We believe that God is calling us to use our building as a ministry center to serve the many needs of people in our region, and we believe that our staff can lead us as a body of believers to serve in many practical ways.


To accomplish all that we have planned to accomplish, we need your help. You have heard our income has fallen short of our budgetary needs over the past several months. This Sunday, you will receive a handout with a QR code that links to a brief update on the current financial status of Covenant. We believe that God is a God of abundance and that our needs will be met. The Covenant community has always stepped up to fill the needs in the past, whether financial or being hands on serving needs. We are seeking to take big, bold steps of faith, and see how God will fulfill those needs. We believe that God will raise people up to meet our current and long-term ministry needs as we serve this Doylestown region and beyond. 


“Giving is an act of worship and we respond in sacrificial generosity for two reasons, shares Pastor-elect Steve:

 1)  God is so good and his love for us in Christ is so deep and wonderful, we joyfully respond with sacrificial living with all that we are, including our finances.

2) There is so much ministry to do and so many people to love! There are so many churches to help and so many practical needs to meet, and so many people being released for ministry around the world that we can partner with… Bottom line-when we exceed our budget, we can do more together in Jesus name! I’m excited to see what God does in and through Covenant in this next season as we steward the financial resources that God has entrusted to us— individually and as a church community.”


Lastly, we are seeing between 700-800 people worshiping on Sunday mornings, with over 120 kids hearing the good news of Jesus. In addition to Sunday worship, over 400 people in Adult and Student ministry groups are growing together in their relationships with each other, as they do life together. Your giving has a direct impact on so many lives.


In celebration, we share a few amazing ways your generous giving has impacted our church community.

“Committed Teachers continue to show love to the children...even as the numbers grow! We are reaching upward to about 120 most weeks now...and it is wonderful!"

"It has been awesome seeing families returning...and each week not only do we see "old" families coming back but “new” families visiting for the first time!”

One father said this...”We were looking for churches in the area and Last Sunday was our first visit. We loved everything about the church, especially the children’s ministry. You are doing an awesome job!”


Shared by a Young Adults leader, “I have seen people fall in love with Jesus and inherit joy, purpose, and passion. Young adults from all over are finding faith or coming back to faith, and it has been the biggest blessing to watch.”

 And a couple of wonderful testimonials from one of our woman’s groups…

“Our women’s study of Gentle and Lowly was transformational for me - not only did I learn so much from this author and the other women in our group, but I actually felt it in my heart. My heart was changed.”

 “I came to that place of surrender much later than most. That place of feeling so very much alone, so I perfected my “Little Orphan Annie” routine through all the years, even joking I was unsupervised!  These ladies at covenant have shown me such love and understanding that now I trust to share my stories and boy do I have stories! Our study this year was Gentle and Lowly, slowly I could feel my guard being let down and trusting. I can tell you I have never felt more loved and understood, it gives me a new mission to pass on the love to others each day for the rest of my life! Thank you, Jesus.”