by Pastor Rob Bloss

If you are part of Covenant Church, we’re asking you to attend the State of Our Church gathering Sunday night from 6:30-8:00pm. You can join us in-person on online. If you’re a leader, we need you there. If you’re a stakeholder and love Covenant, you’ll want to be part of this. If you’re on the fence or just curious about Covenant, you’ll be glad that you came. 

2020 was quite a year! So much has happened that has challenged our faith, tried our patience, shaken our hope, and because God never wastes a hurt, shaped our character and commitments. It’s been hard to BE the church, and at times a struggle to DO the work of ministry. But I’m thankful we serve a BIG God, a God who is at all times and in every situation faithful, sovereign, and sufficient.

Sunday night you’ll hear from a number of leaders at Covenant. We’ll take a look back and ahead. We have information we are eager to share with you about areas to celebrate but also areas of needed growth. You’ll hear about some of our flaws as well as some of our victories. As we do, we believe you’ll be armed with fresh insight, passion, and confidence in what the Lord is doing in our midst.

We’ve always been a vision and values driven church. We’ve always been a gospel-centered, Christ-led church. And the greater the challenge and the more things change, the more certain we must be of that foundation, and the more united we must be in our pursuit of the Lord and His promises and purposes.

Do whatever it takes to join us Sunday evening for the State of Our Church and Sunday morning for the kick-off of a new sermon series entitled MEET JESUS.

The series will take us through Easter and highlight the many different encounters people had with Jesus as recorded in the four gospels. He met all kinds of people. He healed some, rebuked others, and encouraged those who needed the words of affirmation only He could speak. Some reached out to him, while He simply knew how to respond to others who possibly were unaware of what they needed most. Rich, poor, young, old, male, female … Jesus knows and cares for us all; no one is beyond his reach, His love and compassion. Each encounter with the people of His day is an invitation for us to meet Jesus now! Our prayer is that each of these encounters would amplify the need for and joy of a personal and life-changing relationship with Jesus.

1/31 | Matthew 8:5-13 | Jesus Meets the Out-of-Control | Rob Bloss


2/7 | Mark 10:13-16 | Jesus meets the Overlooked | Andrew Poe

2/14 | John 8:3-6 | Jesus meets those caught in Shame | Rob Chifokoyo

2/21 | Matthew 9:9-13 | Jesus meets the Filthy Rich | Rob Bloss | Lord’s Supper

2/28 | Luke 8:41-56 | Jesus meets the Desperate | Rob Chifokoyo

3/7 | Luke 5:1-11 | Jesus meets the Essential Workers | Josh Bundy

3/14 | John 5:1-14 | Jesus meets those in Need | Rob Chifokoyo

3/21 | Luke 5:33-35 | Jesus meets the Religious | Rob Bloss | Lord's Supper