State of our Church 2019

By Pastor Bob Myers

This is a small glimpse of the remarks at the State of Our Church 2019 that I made this past Sunday evening. 


If you missed it, you can watch the whole thing online here.

THANK YOU! We are meeting in a facility that was only a dream, that financial consultants said, an ambitious vision would be to aspire to build about half of what we began to present about five years ago.

We wouldn’t settle without presenting the whole plan to you, and you wouldn’t settle for less.

That crazy dream was just talk in 2015, but that crazy dream is now our new reality, and opportunities for Kingdom advance abound!

So now in the first four months we will have filled this building multiple times.


1. We had the largest outreach event in Covenant’s history in December. The Women’s Comedy Night not only sold out (over 800 women), but also over 40% of those attending had never walked through our doors for any reason before. Year after year this event has been enormously fruitful in expressing and fulfilling Covenant’s ministry values.


2. On Christmas Eve, we reached full capacity in two services, and most of the services would not have fit in the old worship center.


3. Coming up is a great marriage conference where we hope to expand even beyond our past years’ successful marriage conferences. These conferences are great for any marriage at any stage, including engaged couples.

4. What’s the next new idea and ministry idea that will help us extend our reach into this community?

I tried to think of one thing that is practical, in reach for all of us, and would make a significant impact in helping us make disciples at Covenant. By doing this, you and I will be acting more like a disciple too.

That one thing is to, each week and at each event at Covenant, look for someone you haven’t met before and introduce yourself to them, maybe continue the conversation in the café and if in the process you find out they have not connected with one of our community groups, help them find what their next step is. Every one of us has a next step. But sometimes we need help discovering all that is available. If someone is new to Covenant, they will appreciate help in finding their way. That’s really a great description of what Jesus continues to do for us. He helps us find our way and discern our next steps in becoming like Him.