State of the Church

by Pastor Bob Myers


If you are part of Covenant Church, we’re asking you to attend the State of Our Church gathering this coming Tuesday from 7-8:15pm.


If you’re a leader, we need you there. If you’re a stakeholder and love Covenant, you’ll want to be part of this. If you’re just curious about Covenant, you’ll be glad that you came. 


We stand near the threshold of an exciting transition as a church. This has come about because of many prayers, sacrifices, and practical expressions of what real faith in Christ means. 


Eleven years ago, we made the transition from our location on 413 to our current facilities. The transformation in the impact we have been able to have, and the development of maturity and growth have been dramatic. We have become a congregation that is uniquely different and uniquely better at living out our vision. 


Our ability to live out Biblical ministry values is about to receive a major infusion of strength and possibilities. But it won’t happen with just a new facility. In fact, that facility that is rising up demands that we also rise up as champions of Christ’s calling to serve our community. We want to provide you with more of the specific needs and opportunities.


This is a unique season. The time we have left before we open up our new ministry facilities is a gift of preparation. We want you to know where we stand in preparing for opening day and beyond. There are some things we have always needed that we continue to need. But there are other things that are unique to this season of development and growth. We want you to have inside knowledge of these things.


We have information we are eager to share with you about areas to celebrate but also areas of weakness and need that staff leadership is working to address. You’ll hear about some of our flaws as well as some of our victories. 


You’ll hear more specific information about the distinctives of Covenant’s vision, values, hopes, and longer-term dreams. You’ll hear from different staff, leaders in the congregation, as well as some of the testimonials we have received from recent first-time visitors.


We know we’re asking you to come out on a winter night, and a school night at that, so we are promising to close out this meeting by 8:15pm. When we do, we believe you’ll be armed with fresh insight, passion, and confidence in what the Lord is doing in midst.


We’ve always been a vision driven church. We want to invite you on the inside of that vision at this exciting moment.


I’m asking you to move mountains to be part of this meeting on January 15th.