Steve Huber: Pastor Elect

The Mission To Be On Co-Mission

By Pastor Andrew Poe


“Go and make disciples...”


These words are a part of the last recorded words of Jesus in the book of Matthew. We traditionally call this section of scripture “The Great Commission” because it is where Jesus charges his ragtag group of followers to continue the mission he began. Like at the beginning, when God honors the man and woman to the positions of stewards and viceroys over creation, Jesus now promotes these doubtful, scared, impetuous collection of fishermen, zealots, and tax collectors to ambassadors, viceroys, and missionaries representing King Jesus to the world! What an incredible honor for these lowly, humble guys! And this honor is bestowed on all of us who humbly follow Jesus. We, too, are given the great privilege of partnering with Jesus through the Spirit to spread His Kingdom by going, making disciples, baptizing, teaching, and ultimately loving those around us as Jesus first loved us. 


The directive to “go and make disciples” is meant for all followers of Jesus; however, there are those who commit to mission as a vocation. We need all types in the Body of Christ: those who stay and serve in our local church as well as those who go to other cities, states and countries with the sweet Gospel of Grace for others. We want to take a moment to share those servants who Covenant supports in their missions. In celebrating these specific missionaries, we are stating that we are committing to them as co-laborers. They not only represent Christ, but represent Covenant; thus, we are on a “Co-Mission” together for the Kingdom! 


Who are these Covenant-supported, Covenant-loved Co-Laborers of Christ?

Our National Priority lies with Urban Alliance where we want to see America’s cities filled with access to the Gospel. We contribute generously toward the planting of diverse churches. 


Here are those with whom we have partnered in this mission:

  •  Doug & Angel Logan (Church in Hard Places, Acts 29)
  •  Ernie & Sarah Grant (Accelerate Church, Camden, NJ)
  • Joe & Kristy Marlin (Epiphany Church, Gloucester City, NJ)
  • Isaac & Vanessa Ferere (The Font Church, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
  • Raphael & Heidi MnKandhla (City Church, Williamsport, PA)
  • Diogo & Bianca Inawashiro (Christ The King Church, Philadelphia, PA)


Our Global Priority lies with Zimbabwe where God has allowed us to partner with leaders on the ground to extend mercy and compassion to orphans.  Covenant is committed to assist and resource Domboshava – a safe, loving home where children are loved, cared for, and pointed to Jesus.


Here are those with whom we support:

  • Peter & Tsitsi Kanetsa
  • Jeph & Kudzi Chifamba
  • D-kids (17 children at Domboshava Children’s Homes)


Finally, we support a number of missionaries, partnering with them to see the Kingdom of God spread throughout our world in various ways. We are so grateful for these Co-Missionaries. We are so enthusiastic to support these faithful servants with our encouragements, prayers, and finances.


Here are a few we support:

  • Pam D’Andre (Ukraine)
  • Tim & Evie Conkling (China)


And we are even more excited that we have some “Home-Grown Partners” – those we consider family!  We have been so blessed to have time to deepen our relationships with these partners! 


Here are these wonderful leaders:

  • Beth Knapp (Wycliffe)
  • Lindsay Kimball (Serge)
  • Matt Jones / Andrew Jones (Bold Hope)
  • Pete & Sarah Lyon (RUF, VA Commonwealth U)


Pete and Sarah are not only considered “home-grown” because they attended Covenant, but both of them also worked on Covenant’s staff! We were blessed to have Pete serve in a variety of ministries at Covenant, but mainly he led our Student Ministries – leading our youth by faithfully pointing them to Jesus. Sarah assisted in Student Ministries and headed up our communications. They were amazing additions to our team. 


Now, the Lyons are serving with Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) at Virginia Commonwealth University.  RUF connects the big truths of the Bible with the big questions college students face.

Pete and Sarah reach students for Christ and equip them to serve by leading them in Bible studies, mentoring them during difficulties, and pointing them to Jesus.   


And now, it is exciting because we get to welcome back Rev. Pete Lyon to Covenant this Sunday! He will continue to lead us through our “ONE” series – taking us through the beginning of the third chapter of Ephesians. It will be a joy to have Pete share his life, his ministry, and the Word.


Again, it is an honor to be on Co-Mission with these incredible Missionaries who carry out Jesus’ Great Commission. Please keep these faithful servants in your prayers as they continue to expand God’s Kingdom.