We Need To Pray

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to talk to Bob Goff. If you don’t know who Bob Goff is, just Google the guy. He’s this incredible author, speaker and pretty much the grandpa the Church had been longing for. I am certain in 200 years children won’t be waiting for Santa to come through the chimney on Christmas Eve, they’ll be waiting for Bob Goff. Everything he is doing is the stuff I pray God would use me to do in some way, shape or form. Building schools in war torn countries, teaching in prisons, or talking to a random Zimbabwean during his workday. All of it. It was halfway through our phone call when something happened. Bob invited me to further our relationship. He said, “Rob here is my personal email that I check every day. I want you to email me. I want to help you.” I was blown away. Bob Goff had given me access to him on an email he personally checks. After the call was done, I immediately ran to tell my wife this awesome news. In the midst of all that euphoria I realized I forgot something important, his email address! I didn’t write it down because why would anyone forget an email address they’ve always wanted? Since then, I have tried every combination and nothing… So, if you know it, please help me out and send it to me! The real reason I tell that story is not to get his email but because it reminds me about prayer and access.


Jesus, in Matthew 6:9-13 literally gives us the email address that he uses to talk to God. Like the one God actually checks. The disciples knew that Jesus had access to something they didn’t have. They watched him do all these incredible things and they deduced that his ability came from his prayer time. So they wanted access.


It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, there is someone you can access that can drastically change your career trajectory. As an aspiring author and leader, Bob Goff is one of those people. Maybe for you it’s a realtor, professor, a book, or 10 minutes with the CEO of your company. Access to a powerful person can shift things. What shifts things further is access to a relationship with someone like that. God offers us 24/7 access to him and a relationship through Christ. We get access to the most high, most holy, most powerful God all day through prayer. Isn’t that an amazing invitation? Prayer gives us this amazing access. Throughout the Bible we see that God is not only able, but he is also willing to step in on our behalf. He wants us to ask, lament and listen in prayer. So having said all that, "why do we pray so little?"


If I ask how is your prayer life, what would your answer be? 9 times out of 10 I get the same answer. "Not where I would like it to be." I don’t think my prayer life is where I want it to be either, but in this season I know I can’t afford to not pray. We need to pray now more than ever. We are going through some huge changes as a nation, as a community and as a church. I am sure we would all agree…so let’s get to praying!


Starting Sunday, and then over the next 21 days, we are going to be praying together. We are sending out a prayer guide (you can access that below) that will help us stay on the same page and encourage us to go in prayer to our heavenly Father. We will also be preaching through the Lord’s Prayer. I want to encourage you to participate. Get your family involved and intentionally start or end your days leaning into prayer. Remember prayer changes things, even if that thing is our hearts. God is willing, longing and calling us to pray. He is asking us to call him on his personal phone and when that phone rings it says "Jesus" so we know he will pick up. He has given us access, church.


You know, the funny thing about Bob Goff is this, his phone number is in the back of one of his books. He asks people to call him. It’s his real phone number. See, Bob Goff has given everyone access to him through his book. Wild right? Who would do that? Yeah, it’s a short list, Santa and Bob Goff. God has done more than that. He has given us access to him and a relationship with him through his son, Jesus Christ. In the next few weeks let’s use that access and grow in our relationship with God together.

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