Zimbabwe Election Update

By Pastor Bob Myers


Hearing from my friends in Zimbabwe a plea for bloodshed to cease following elections that have left unrest while official results have not yet been announced. Pray for peace, non-violence, leadership from all the candidates to bring statesmanship and unity against force and violence.  There are reports of at least five peaceful protesters shot dead in the streets, and video footage of  tear gas and rubber bullets used by the army to disperse those who are protesting.  The protests included  a large public prayer meeting and rally where a large crowd sang Christian worship songs, lifted their hands in the air, and sought the Lord for their nation. Both major party candidates have claimed victory and international election observers have expressed some concerns about vote counting that is being documented.  High tensions have now spilled over into a military response of violence. 


Heavenly Father, touch the hearts of Zimbabwe’s political leaders, candidates who ran for office in this election, and all those in power and all the people of Zimbabwe.

For those in power, we pray that they may exercise their power gently. 
We pray that they may exercise their influence for peace boldly.  
Give them effective words that help heal this nation. 
Give them hearts surrendered to You.
Thank you Father for the vision you have given your people, the global church,  for this world to be  
a world where the weak are protected, and none go hungry or poor; 
a world where the riches of creation are shared, and everyone can enjoy them; 
a world where creation is respected and nature is treated with reverence;
a world where all humans are revered as those who bear your image;
a world where different races and cultures live in harmony and mutual respect; 
a world where peace is built with justice, and justice is guided by love.

Give us the inspiration and courage to build it. 
Give us courage to stand with those who are oppressed, but to raise our voices and our actions in ways keeping us aligned to your love for all peoples, with no malice or violence towards anyone. 
Give those who have been oppressed wisdom and grace as they  challenge the perpetrators of violence, and through the gospel, cause the perpetrators of violence to change their hearts and  their behavior, through Jesus Christ, not only to not act in violence, but to lay down intimidation and manipulation. 

In the Name of Jesus Christ, our Savior, Amen!