BOLDER Vision. BOLDER Faith. BOLDER Impact.



At Covenant, we want to be BOLDER. We want to be BOLDER in our Vision, our Faith and our Impact. As we look to the future, we see that our building is one of the tools God has given us to boldly expand the footprint of the Gospel in our lives and in our community.


We believe that God has called us to reach Doylestown with the hope of the Gospel, in order to see the movement of God continue. Never has there been more at stake in terms of Covenant’s continued expansion and momentum.

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BOLD Steps...


To effectively live out our vision and values, we need to take BOLD steps by adding onto our existing facilities. While this isn’t about us it does include us. We are all being invited to join together in BOLDER ways.  


We continue to see God move in powerful ways, but we have reached the maximum capacity for what we can do in our building, budget, leaders and volunteers. We need growth in all areas, and that can only happen as transforming grace deepens and broadens its impact in the hearts of those who call Covenant home.



Work has begun! It’s happening and Lord willing, you will see a lot of progress with the parking and building in the coming months. Please watch for more updates and opportunities.


We want to close the gap on the funds still needed to complete the project, reducing the amount of money that will need to be borrowed. Please consider making a contribution to the Bolder Fund by clicking the link below or contact the church office for additional opportunities to make in-kind or noncash contributions.