Grace Filled Marriage 2020

Couples come to the altar bursting with love for each other. Yet, based on how many marriages are unfulfilling, unhappy, or worse yet, end in divorce, it would seem that the love that gets couples married isn’t enough to keep couples married. But what if the missing ingredient in most marriages isn’t love; its grace. Love is what gets us going, but Grace is what keeps us going.

Grace can make good marriages into great marriages. Grace can bring intimacy and restoration to broken marriages. Grace means giving your spouse something they desperately need, but don't necessarily deserve…things like kindness, forgiveness and the benefit of the doubt. And the best part is that if we focus on grace, the love we so desire with our spouse will naturally follow. 

If you and your spouse want to work on building your relationship, this is a great place to start! Lunch is provided as well as childcare if Registered prior to February 2nd.