Steve Huber: Pastor Elect

Pastoral Search

Dear Covenant Family,
With great joy and gratitude to our Gracious God, we are pleased to announce that Steve Huber has received an overwhelming majority of the votes cast at our congregational meeting and he is on his way toward becoming the Lead Pastor at Covenant Church. Please join us in offering a prayer of thanks for our Search Team, their perseverance and hard work on our behalf. 
One final step remains in the process before we can declare that Steve is our Lead Pastor. His call must be placed in the hands of our presbytery, the Eastern Pennsylvania Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America for their certification that all was done in good order and that Steve is authorized to accept the call. We are hoping this will be completed by the end of May and we can then officially install Steve as our Lead Pastor.
Thank you so much for your patience and understanding during this long period of transition. We can feel the momentum building and the Spirit stirring us toward an exciting and fruitful season of ministry together.

Meet Steve Huber

Steve & Christine Huber

Key Dates & Info

  • Sunday, May 1 at 9 & 10:45AM - Steve Huber preaching during Sunday Services
  • Sunday, May 1 at 7PM – Steve chats with Bruce Finn: All are welcome to this question-and-answer conversation between Steve and Bruce. Questions can be asked in-person or submitted in advance to Bruce Finn.

  • Monday, May 2nd at 7PM - Congregational Meeting For Purposes Of Pastoral Candidate Election Members Must Be Present To Vote

Frequently Asked Questions

When might Steve Huber begin to serve as Lead Pastor at Covenant?
What might become of the team of preachers we have enjoyed at Covenant?
What might be the relationship between Covenant and Liberti*?

Here's What Key Leaders Say About Steve & Christine

His background is incredibly impressive, a fantastic education with great achievements within his church community and beyond, yet rather than boast, he presents with great humility."  - Kate Hodakowski, Care Coordinator


"Relational, Authentic, and Kingdom-minded: these are a few words that come to mind when I think of Steve." - Andrew Poe, Children's Ministry Pastor


"He is grounded, steadfast, open to listening and learning and I believe his personality and preaching style can be a healing balm for Covenant." - Genevieve Kim, Search Team Member


"He’s intentional with you and your family. He demonstrates care and consideration and is steadfast in his love for Jesus and His people." - Max Nichols, Search Team Chairman


"Steve had a lot of humility to response to questions. He came across as a strong leader. He had a good sense of himself / of his health and wellbeing." - Lisa Chifokoyo, Children’s Ministry Assistant


"I really appreciate Christine’s willingness to be so open, honest, and vulnerable… it is very impactful." - Tanner McGrath, Production Director


"Steve and Christine have a deep love for Jesus and for his kingdom. They are passionate about helping people to know and grow in Christ." - Katrina Poe, Adult Ministry Assistant


"Steve exudes a practical and Christ-centered approach to ministry through reliance and submission to the Word of God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ."     - Enoch Delaporte, Elder And Search Team Member


"Both he, and Christine, just seem like genuine Kingdom people."     - Rob Chifokoyo,Church Planting Resident


"People I know personally have worked with Steve for years, and their enthusiasm for Steve gives me complete confidence in him becoming our new Lead Pastor here at Covenant Church."            - Larry Rankin, Elder

Pastoral Search Process

For the past year and a half, we have been searching for a new Lead Pastor. Below you will find some key information about the pastoral search plan. It is typical for this process to take between 18 to 24 months, but we trust in the Lord’s timing of leading us to the person of His choosing.


Pastoral Search Team

In October 2020, several members in good standing were identified, nominated, and approved by the membership of Covenant Church. This team represents several ages, stages of life, and ethnicities as well as men and women. 
Team members are: Enock Delaporte, Chrissie Duncan, Carl Goldschmidt, Genevieve Kim, Matt Landis Katie Marchese, Max Nichols (chair), and Andrea Volm.

Slingshot Group. The Slingshot Group was selected to provide our Search Team with qualified prospects. They have extensive experience in bringing pastors and churches together and have brought us many qualified prospects.

The Ongoing Process

  • Representatives from the Slingshot Group met with Elders, Staff, and the Search Team, built a profile for Covenant Church. Prospects also create profiles with Slingshot. Prospects that are matched with Covenant read our church profile and the Search Team reads about prospects that are given to them by Slingshot.


  • The Search Team has poured countless hours into reviewing profiles and applications, listening to sermons, praying, and interviewing potential prospects. They have had meetings nearly weekly throughout the process as well as concentrated times of even higher activity.


  • When the Search Team receives a prospect that they decide to pursue, they pass the prospect on to pastors and elders for another series of interviews. Depending on how far the prospect progresses this can include meeting the entire staff and visiting Covenant for a weekend for an informal visit.


  • If a prospect is not clearly an excellent fit for the Lead Pastor role at Covenant, then he will be notified. Meanwhile, the Search Team continues to process qualified prospects throughout this phase.


How the Process Will Conclude

  • When the Search Team, pastors, and Elder Board agree that a prospect seems to be the man God has called to Covenant as our next Lead Pastor, the prospect will be invited to come for a formal candidacy visit. They move from being a prospect to the candidate.

  • The congregation will be made known in advance of a formal candidacy visit. Information about the candidate’s current ministry, past work, and preaching, as well as other helpful information from his profile, will be shared with the membership of Covenant. The candidacy weekend will be announced ahead of time and the candidate will preach and participate in other public meetings that weekend. The candidacy weekend will culminate in a formal vote by members of Covenant Church. If the candidate is accepted by Covenant, he will be named our next Lead Pastor.

  • Because Covenant Church is part of the Presbyterian Church in America, our local Presbytery must also accept the candidate into their body and authorize him to preach in this presbytery. The Search Team, pastors, and elders are working with any prospect that rises in the process to ensure their fit for the Presbytery as well as for Covenant so that there should be no surprises by the time Covenant has called him to be the next Lead Pastor.

  • Once a man is called to be the next Lead Pastor, a celebration will be set to welcome him and his family to Covenant Church when he begins his ministry, to thank the Search Team appropriately, and to celebrate God’s faithfulness in bringing us our next Pastor!


If you have any questions regarding the Pastoral Search please feel encouraged to contact any of our elders here at Covenant.