We have all been new at some point.  We want to make being “new” easier.  Wherever you are on your journey, we welcome you to join us at one of our worship services.  Our goal is to help people encounter Jesus in real ways every week.  We would love to make this place feel more like home.

You’ll Meet People:

 Who are just like you. Who are all in process. We are all on a journey. 

 Who want to welcome you. We want to be friendly and we try hard to have that kind of environment.


 Who value being real. Real about life, real about relationships, real about struggles, real about faith. 


 Who realize that their story has meaning because it’s part of God’s story.

You’ll Learn About a Church:


 That wants to be known for what we’re for instead of what we’re against.


 That is concerned about the poor, the marginalized, the forgotten and neglected.  


 That exists not just for us but for others and invites you to come along.


 That’s on a mission to live out the work of Jesus in every area we can.


 That is genuinely unimpressed with itself but very impressed with Jesus.

You’ll Experience:

 Truth shared in a way that is relevant to your life and faithful to the Bible.

 Teaching that aims to be contextual, engaging and meaningful to your life - communicating God’s heart towards people and how we need Him whether we know it or not.  

 Hope that no matter how good or how bad life is, God wants something greater for you: to be the “you” you were created to be and not the “you” it’s easy to be.

 Music meant to glorify God and lead us to do the same. Music performed with passion and excellence, helping you engage with God in fresh and real ways. Music you’d put on your iPhone.