July 17-21
9 AM - 12:15 PM

SHAPE ADVENTURE WEEK is currently at capacity! However, we can open more spots if can secure more volunteers to help. CLICK HERE to volunteer.

Join us for a fun-fiilled week of games, friends, music, stories, and learning about God's plan for us!

SHAPE ADVENTURE WEEK is open to children who have completed PreK - 5th Grade!


FAQ Below

What Is Shape Adventure Week?

Shape Adventure Week (or SAW) is a day camp for children where they'll explore the Bibile with their friends in an age appropriate setting with adults that want to seee them grow into a relationship with Jesus.


What Will My Children Be Doing?

A normal day at Shape looks like a large group time with a skit about the lesson and some music time. Groups then break out by age with their leaders and go through rotations of games, snacks, Bible lesson, and craft times that all tie together to support that day's lesson.


How Will You Keep My Child Safe?

Keeping the most valuable people in your life safe is a top concern!

EVERY adult volunteer has gone through a criminal background check before being allowed to participate and has received training. We have a nurse's station set up for any bumps, cuts, or scrapes that may occur. A large majority of our adult volunteers have CPR certification. Covenant Church also has an encompassing safety team, procedures, and systems overseen by trained faculty.


Can I Invite A Neighbor?

Please do! Just make sure that their parent or guardian registers them by sending them the link to this page.


Are There Any Costs?

There is only a $25 fee for each child.


Have Any Questions?

Feel free to call our office at 267-880-3713 or email our Children's Ministry Pastor, Andrew Poe or our Children's Ministry Assistant, Lisa Chifokoyo.